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Jasmyne & Socrates: All you need is love & Ice-Cream

We met in High School in 1986!

Two innocent shy kids with a little spark for each other.
Almost 30 years later a boy with his dads Ice-Cream Truck and a girl that had experience in Marketing, Managing Ice-Cream shops and Restaurants reunited.

With this reunion, that little spark that was always there was ignited and it appeared to be a perfect match! 
We became an instant family with our boys Jude and Ruben, our pet birds and our

black labrador Orpheus.

  With a shared vision for the business, both lovers of all things vintage and some inspiration from our Pet Alexandrine Parrot Pana… Retro Birdie was born.

A new chapter!
We will continue to chase our dreams, so watch this space!

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